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Your book is written so now what? Now you have to position yourself as an author and leverage your story.
To be a successful author you need to develop a fan base. There is an audience waiting to be exposed to your unique style of writing. Outside of just selling copies of your book, many authors aim to use their books as tools for workshops, speaking engagements, segway into television interviews and podcast sectors, and much more.
Developing your unknown presence as an author is key to establishing your success. Rae Legacy Press will help you market and generate sales by creating the following. 

Book Marketing
Press Release
Social Media Management
Social Media Marketing
Personal PR Agent
Book Launch Campaigns
Merchandise Set Up
Back Cover Book Synopsis
Website Development
Website Management

The team at Rae Legacy are all self-published authors who understand the many emotions and time that goes into writing, planning, marketing, and publishing your book. That is why we are dedicated to our commitment to developing the unknown authors helping them cultivate a platform that will allow their voices and expertise to be heard. 

If you are ready to start your writing journey, click the link to set up your FREE 30-minute consultation.

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