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Frequently Asked Questions

To have a more informed decision about the operations of Rae Legacy Publishing, please read the following. For any questions or disputes click the button below to submit a grievance. 

What genres will Rae Legacy accept?

Rae Legacy Publishing will not publish anything that goes against the companies morals and values. We also are not interested in publishing Historical, Western, or Dystopian. 

Can I change or cancel my publishing package? 

Packages can up upgraded within the first 30 days of contact signing. After the 30 days any additions will be Al A Carte. You can cancel your project until work has started, after that please refer to your contract for termination terms.

Can my services be refunded?

Services may be available for a partial refund within the first 30 days if work has not begun. After work has started no refund will be issued. 

How long does it take to publish my book?

On average it can take up to 18 months to release a book. However, the length of time may be shorter due to the progression of deadlines. 

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