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Gamal C. Williams

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Born in Brooklyn, NY, and having spent many of his formative years in Miami, FL, Gamal Williams now resides in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.

He joined the Navy in 1999 and became an Aviation Electronics Technician.  He retired in 2019, after a successful twenty-year career at the rank of Senior Chief Petty Officer.  He now spends his time writing and spending time with his children.  A die-hard New York sports fan, music lover, and avid reader, he ventured into writing as an outlet after a long battle with alcoholism.  His first novel, “fin: a story of love and hope”, started as a recurring dream he just could not shake.

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Gabriel Williams

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Gabriel is an energetic, imaginative, and intelligent young man, that loves drawing, and creating characters and new worlds.

He came to his dad, Gamal Williams, asking for a new book to read. Unimpressed by the selection they found, Gamal began writing "JUMP" just for him. Soon, Gabriel joined in and helped develop the rich, fantasy world of JUMP.

Now, Gabriel and his dad write new adventures for Franklin, Brooklyn, and the rest of the JUMP family, as they write the next chapter in the JUMP series, "JUMP: Trial of Secrets."

"I like to draw and make up characters, and then I can't wait to tell my dad all about them."

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Courtney Kittrell

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Sometimes you might find yourself by yourself and that feeling of loneliness can make you question your purpose in life. You might find yourself struggling to "fit in" with your friends, your family, or co-workers. You are trying to "fit in" because at this very moment, your find yourself being the "only one" and standing out.


Never Be Afraid to Eat Alone is motivational, inspirational, and purpose driven book that will encourage you to take back your power and live your life with full and unapologetic intention. Through self-reflection you will discover yourself again for the very first time.

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Coming Soon

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