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" Average isn't a part of our RLP motto. We are here to be extraordinary"

We all have a story to tell but whether it is a story of pain, triumph, hope, characters that run wild in our head or educational instruction that we want to teach to others. RLP works closely with each author to make sure that story is extraordinary. We take the idea you have and look at the long term, not just one singular book.  The world is your oyster when you publish your manuscript. 

Sasha A. Ridley, RLP Founder and CEO, has been in the writing world for 5 years and counting. She is also a self-published author who took all of the mistakes she made during her journey to become an author and refined them to help her authors today. Sasha has been instrumental in the success of numerous authors who decided to turn their writing dreams into reality. 

Wheather you are a published author or apsire to publish, RLP has a plan for you. RLP focuses on YA Fiction, Romance, Fiction, Self Help, Children's and Religious Books. At this time we are not accepting Horror or Mystery. 

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